A double height rear extension in London's Mapesbury conservation area. The project involves the complete remodelling of a detached Edwardian property for an expanding young familly.

The unoccupied void between the rear of the main body of the house and the rear addition is solidified into two conceptual volumes

Each is allocated its functional role within the overall master-panning of the house: the upper volume as Master bedroom; the lower as Dining room.

To permit the process of inhabitation the volumes are transformed into 'enveloped spaces' - each orientated towards that part of the grounds with which it will communicate. The lower space towards the terrace at the rear of the house; the upper sleeping space away from the prying eyes of the adjacent houses and out towards the garden at the side.

To fullfil the functional requirements of each space, the envelopes are extruded to acheive their necessary length (4.5m for the Dining room; 4m for the Master bedroom)

To begin to distinguish themselves as individual entities - and in anticipation of an autonomous future in counterpoint to the parent building - each envelope pulls away from the body of the main house. As the separation is drawn out each envelope turns to look away from the parent.

The design proposals solidy the dynamic of the narrative at the moment the process of turning away begins - locking the potential energy of the gesture into the fabric of the extension.